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How does Revenue-Based Financing work?

Revenue-based financing is a simpler lending arrangement vis-a-vis venture debt and therefore can be also offered to the earlier stage technology companies (generating more than 50k, or sometimes as little as 5k MRR) and enable to borrow smaller amounts (10k - 1m). 

The lender typically advances a loan sized as a multiple of MRR (e.g. 4x) and gets repaid every month as a pre-agreed percentage of borrower's revenue (which will fluctuate over time). Instead of an interest rate, a fixed fee (and / or) a cap on the borrowed amount is agreed upon, which represents the cost of borrowing. Warrants are unlikely, however, the total cash cost of debt will likely to be higher than that of venture debt. 


Some providers might use automated business assessment features that can reduce the time-to-loan materially, however would require granting the lender access to the borrower's billing or banking systems. 

SaaS loans are a variation of funding arrangement whereas the borrower can be advanced up to a one-year worth of subscription revenue at a pre-agreed discount. 

Revenue Based  Financing companies

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